IMAGINE A WORLD where everyone has access to healthy, local, organic food. The goal of the Sharing Backyards program is to make that a reality by giving anyone who wants to grow food the yard space to do it.

Sharing Backyards encourages urban gardening by connecting those who have the space to garden with those who would like to garden but don’t have the yard space.

It connects neighbours of all kinds in an atmosphere of trust – doing something that beautifies the homewoner’s yard and provides fresh food.¬†Garden partners share the cost of gardening supplies and the abundance of the crops.

To get started, simply click on the map below to browse through the listings. You can post your own listing or look for others already offering yard space or gardening skills. Your address and email will remain hidden, and messages come directly through our site to you.

Once you’ve found your garden partner, subscribe to our blog and edible gardening coach Steven Biggs will make sure you known when it’s time to seed, plant and harvest your crops. He’ll also give you suggestions on how to maximize your harvest on a budget.

Any questions? Email us at

This program was created by the Lifecycles Project Society in Victoria, B.C which currently has 20 Sharing Backyards partners around North America.

The local partner in Toronto is eco-gardening group Growing for Green. Want to grow fruit locally? Become a member of the Ben Nobleman Community Orchard – another Growing for Green project in Toronto.

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